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Karen Tilley - Kauai

Beaches, friendly people, and tropical gardens are just some of the blessings that Kauai provides. 

Karen has a great interest and knowledge of  the flora and fauna of Hawaii, and has hiked many of the trails. She knows many of the plants and trees in the forests, as well as long the dry coastal areas.  An avid water person, strong swimmer and snorkeler, she also knows the coasts and coastal waters well.

Karen moved to Kauai 18 years ago from Toronto, Canada. Her father is  Alex Tilley, the creator and founder of the Tilley Hat, and Tilley Endurables.  She has lots of stories about the hats in her basement and the first store being in her living room. 

Karen is a vocalist and has performed in live theatre here in Kauai in two big stage productions including "Willi Wonka" as well as many Singer Showcase shows.


When she is not on tour, she can be found in nature by the ocean or forest stream or tending to her small orchard farm. 


Making your vacation more enjoyable and relaxed

You probably don't want to spend your valuable days driving around Kauai, not knowing where to park, where the special place is, where to eat, where to avoid, what is the right trail in the forest  to take, or where the best place to wade, or play in the ocean is. Or where to  relax in the shade at a pristine secluded beach.    Those are just some of the reasons why people want to hire a long time resident and fun (!) private tour guide for a day or two. 

Why?  'Cause We do!

HELPFUL TIPS    Upon booking, we can share sound advice for your vacation based on 19 years living and playing on the island.  And if you are heading to Maui and Kona side of the Big Island, those islands too.   



Days fill up quickly so reserve your day today

You're flying across the pacific ocean to reach this tiny paradise filled with magical coves, breathtaking vistas, Hawaiian culture and live music, gorgeous scenic landmarks, and  outstanding natural beauty  Visit the best locations on Kauai ( depending on our interests) and you may find yourself heading back there again on your trip.
Let us guide you to them on a fun, relaxing day.  Booking a tour or tours close to the start of your vacation is recommended so you can make the most of your vacation.